Child Custody in A Divorce Case

Divorce is certainly very painful, no one wants to be in that condition especially children who in this case are those who do not understand the problems faced by their parents. In addition to the distribution of assets, the distribution of child custody is also a serious conversation in divorce cases. In some case the struggle for child custody is often complicated, each father and mother no one wants to budge. It cannot be denied if the struggle for parenting rights often creates protracted problems. Though it is a hard reality, even father must find a dads right attorney to give them the best solution both in divorce process also in child custody.


Marriage mediation is a stage that must be passed by the husband and wife who experience problems in the household, but if the decision is made to make a decision to separate, the divorce process will continue. Marriage is one of the rules that explains the rights of children to get care from their parents. In the marriage law it is expressly stated that the state provides legal protection for the interests of children whose parents divorce.

It is explained that the marital relationship that is broken due to divorce will not break the relationship between parents in this case the divorced husband and children who were born from the marriage. Both Father and Mother are still obliged to finance and also educate children in accordance with their duties as parents. Where if there is a dispute relating to child custody then the court is given the authority to give its decision.

Apart from age, child custody can also fall to one party based on the sex of the child. A boy who is seven years old is given the freedom to choose whether to live with his father or mother. This may be done because at the age of 7 years and the child’s mind is considered able to make his own choices. ┬áThen what about the kids? Are there different treatments with boys? Custody of a girl who is seven years old, will turn to her father until she marries where responsibility will shift to her husband. It was decided that the father was entitled to custody of the child because a man was better at maintaining and guarding girls. Even so it does not mean the mother cannot visit her. Father was forbidden to prevent Mother from meeting her child.

The story will be different if the father is not able to care for his daughter properly, maybe because of busyness, superficial religion or even really does not care about the child’s growth and development. A father who is unable to carry out his duties requires that the child be neglected. In this case the mother can take over the custody of the child so that the child finally lives with his mother. Another thing that can abort Father’s right to care for his daughter is if the father gives a sense of comfort to the child for the treatment of the stepmother even his actions have been very hurtful and dangerous for the child. So, there is no doubt that his biological mother gave him the benefit of being prioritized in taking over child custody.