Know Yourself: The First Step of Self Development

“To find yourself, first learn yourself.” Finding identity is an enlightening experience. You start to be independent and do things for yourself, for the first time. This feeling is difficult to explain in words, but if you don’t know who you really are, this is difficult to ignore. To find out more about your identity is not easy, but as the saying goes, the results will be worth it. Here are some tips for starting the process.

Be prepared to restart with a new sheet

Develop your moral behavior and practice to obey it. Eliminate the bad nature of your life (this is an action or habit that binds you and lets you loose when you have to think about difficult life questions); this behavior will ultimately divert your goals and sometimes even be dangerous


Organize your world

You might realize that having another business will help launch a process to hold your identity firmly. So, clean your room. Do homework. Resolve conflicts with friends. Getting rid of everything that blocks your path will smooth your way to “self” time.

Start relying on yourself

Confidence is the heart of finding yourself. If you don’t have strong self-confidence, you will listen to the words of others at all times and be influenced by their insistence on what is right, wrong, and appropriate. This moment is your miracle and believe in your own feelings. Then you will have the structure as the basis of that belief. Remember, be patient with yourself and believe yourself in your abilities. Everything will come in time.

Create your own time frame

Write down the main goals that you feel can be achieved and want to achieve. Then, write down the events in your life that have happened that you believe have affected you. When life hits us with problems or misfortunes, it shapes our beliefs and makes us think differently. But even better, this makes us ourselves. The things you write about organically are you, not just a reflection of society.

Differentiate your thoughts from other people’s thoughts

For most people (more common than you think), life is quite easy to live while on autopilot; we are practically given a guide map of how reality “works.” Going to school, looking for work, getting married, thinking about this and other things, and boom – hope you enjoy everything. This is good and okay – of course your work is done – but it leaves no room for you. So, think about yourself. At the end of the timeline, write down some of your beliefs that are not based on logic, but are based on what people say. We all have it.

It is important to know whether one’s personal development has reached the optimal level or maturity. This can be known by knowing himself. Knowing yourself means acquiring knowledge about the totality of the right self, which is to realize the advantages / advantages possessed and the weaknesses / weaknesses that exist in yourself. By getting to know yourself appropriately, you will find the right self concept, by trying to develop positive ones and overcome / eliminate negative ones.