Stay Lasting and Happy Despite LDR with these LDR Tips, Girls!

LDR (Long Distance Relationship) aka long distance relationship is indeed not easy for everyone to do. Especially if a partner is not used to doing it. How come, girls, you will be separated by distance from your partner. What is certain is that you also have to endure various risks.

Not only is it shunned by distance, another obstacle is communication that doesn’t surf usually because of differences in time, activities, to telecommunications network problems. If this is the case, can the LDR partner be happy? Hmm … Take it easy, still it can, girls! Although there are many obstacles, there are various ways that can be done so that the LDR relationship can still feel happiness. For example with the following LDR tips!

1. Know the schedule of each partner
Communication can be said to be key in a long distance relationship. For that, knowing each schedule can be very useful so that communication can always be smooth without the need to disrupt activities. In addition this method is also useful so that you and your partner can know each other’s activities without having to worry if there is one who has not had time to tell because of the busyness.

2. Do video calls regularly
One way to treat longing is to do a video call. Because in this way you and your partner can meet face to face even though it’s stretched so far. In addition, video calls are very easy and practical to do. You and your partner only need to set the right time to facilitate communication in this one way.

3. See the LDR as an ‘opportunity’

Instead of considering the LDR as an obstacle and a problem, why not think of it as an opportunity, girls? Yep! Opportunities to build trust and stronger relationships. Because precisely with distance, you and your partner can prove to each other that no matter how far you are, you can still love each other.

4. Affirm the purpose of your relationship with your partner
Since the LDR relationship is not entirely easy to do, try asking your partner to take you to where your relationship will be. Because if in the end he says he wants to lead to a more serious relationship, then you can be even more enthusiastic about this long distance relationship. Because of course you want to, girls, is your struggle in the LDR end happy?

5. Create ways to communicate
Maybe you and your partner often send chat messages “good morning” or “good night sleep”, but try to create your communication in other ways. For example by sending funny pictures and videos. The quality of your communication will develop and surely you and your partner will not get bored quickly to chat with each other.

6. Do things together
LDR do things together? It’s not impossible, girls! It will be a very pleasant and memorable thing. Lots of things you can do together by using technology. For example, using Skype, you can sing and later your partner will take it with a musical instrument. Or you and your partner can shop online together, where you will choose clothes for him as well as with him. It will be really exciting!

7. Do similar things
Even though you and your partner are far away, you can still do similar things. For example, reading the same book, watching the same movie, or listening to the same music. That way, you and he will have so many topics to discuss. Without worrying about running out of chat material, your communication will be even smoother!

8. Visit each other
The time to meet is definitely the happiest thing for LDR couples. However, he doesn’t always have to go home to visit you, girls! If the time and circumstances are right, it doesn’t hurt if you visit him. Besides going to make up for nostalgia, who knows your partner will be more excited when you know that you want to try to visit him?

9. Celebrate important days
Anniversary Day? Her birthday? Or your birthday? Don’t let anything be missed to celebrate! Distance is not a barrier to celebrating it all together. You can still send greetings by sending romantic videos to give gifts through services between goods. Creating a special impression on a special date will surely make you and your partner happy!

10. Keep communication with your partner’s family
Even though your partner is in a distant place, there’s nothing wrong if you keep maintaining communication with his family. Besides being able to tighten the cord of closeness with his parents, surely your partner will be very happy if you have a boyfriend who is so attentive to your family like you!