Everything You Need To Know About Online Dating.

Before tackling whether online dating is worth it, let’s first understand what online dating is all about.

Online dating is the practice of looking for potential partners, or better yet; connections with other people through platforms on the internet.

Most of the time the goal is to develop personal or sexual connections with other people.

Dating itself has gone through several changes itself since its inception.

Long ago, dating was simply a first meet up with your potential partner or family arrangement that immediately led to a marriage deal.

Nowadays dating takes an undefined time limit spanning from weeks to years.

The first instance of dating through media platforms emerged with the discovery of newspapers.

People bought personal ads in the quest of looking for love or sex.

However, as soon as the internet became popular, people jumped ships to digital ads which became the in thing.

Websites such as Craig’s list and MySpace bulletins become popular dating sites as the age of internet dating service was conceived.

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Pros of online dating

Online dating has proved to possess superior advantages over traditional dating.

Here are some of the perks of online dating.

Wide access to potential connections.

Online dating has the ability to connect many people at ago up its sleeve.

This is different from traditional forms of dating where you’d hope and wait to meet someone for an undefined time.

With online dating, it is easy to find various groups of people, from different age groups, people of different orientations, people leading particular lifestyles to even people from isolated areas.

Diverse communication channels.

Online dating offers a more suitable communication channel-mediated over the internet.

For example, people can message each other through text messages, voice call or even video chat.

This is a time cautious approach for busy professionals who are keen on time commitments.

It is also safe, compared to traditional dating where you meet someone you know nothing about face to face for the first time.


Online dating platforms have features that test people’s personalities before matching with other people.

This helps them suggest people of similar traits to their users.

This Is by far advantageous since it is easy to find people who share your point of view or have the same approach to different aspects of life just like you.

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Top red flags when online dating

With dating online, it is a little bit tricky to discern genuine profiles from inauthentic ones.

It is rewarding to make a genuine connection with someone online but it takes some weeding to get there.

Here are some of the obvious red flags you need to be on the look for while manoeuvring your way through the online dating spectrum.

  1. Look out for a lot of “don’ts” than positives. It is reasonable to be clear on your boundaries but entering the dating scene with a checklist is a huge red flag. It says a lot about someone; it shows how condescending and controlling they are. Avoid such profiles
  2. Using pet names early on, on texting. Pet names such as “baby” or “honey” at times can get patronizing, especially a few texts into knowing each other. Such words are only used when certain the other party enjoys them. Using right out of the gates shows how one is not cautious with personal space. Watch out for such people.
  3. Overly sexual demeanours. There is no problem sexting a bit once in a while but sending explicit content right out of the gate just after the introduction is a severe red flag, especially if you are looking for something long term. If you are up for a quick hookup fine, but if you are looking for a genuine long-lasting connection, then avoid at all cost such people on dating sites.

What are the best dating sites and apps?

  1. Bumble- best for women with a confident demeanour.
  2. Tinder- best for easy and quick hookups.
  3. OkCupid- works well with people looking for lasting connections.
  4. Coffee meets bagel- best to meet people for a casual chat.
  5. eHarmony- best for individuals seeking marriage.


All in all, online dating is a very efficient platform to meet and know new people.

It is not time-consuming and takes up a safe approach for meeting new people.

However, you need to take good care of who and how you meet people through these platforms. Not everyone in there is up to good.

Make sure you are on the lookout for the red flags we have talked about as you enjoy your online dating experience and meet your potential partners.