Love Language: What Is It, and How Can You Discover Yours?

Love language is a very common term. Despite its popularity, a lot of us still do not really grasp the meaning of it.

Love language is simply how we desire to be loved. When someone speaks your love language, it means that person knows just how to love you. You know, we could do everything for the ones we love and still not love them how they desire to be loved. On, you’ll find a lot of romantic date ideas that’d make you want to walk down the aisle as quickly as possible. Though romance has its role to play in romantic relationships, there is actually more to it than just romance.

Having known what love language means, the next big question is how can one discover one’s love language? According to the book, The Five Love Languages by the famous relationship coach, Gary Chapman, there are five major languages of love. They are:

  • Words of Affirmation: A person who has this as a love language would surely delight in love poems and all the beautiful and romantic notes. For people like this, your words matter. Tell them about your love as often as you can.
  • Acts of Service: The individual with this love language is very appreciative of your help. The little ones and the big ones alike. Such a person loves you more because you helped fix the door than when you wrote them a thousand love notes.
  • Receiving Gifts: When a person has this love language, loving him/her right is as easy as giving gifts often. No, they mustn’t be the most expensive gifts. The act of service put into the little gifts show them that they are very much alive in your heart and that you truly care.
  • Quality Time: Quality Time is one of the most common love languages. You know, sit together in someplace and absorb each other’s heart and time. The best way to love a person whose language is quality time is to try as much as you can to give them a good amount of your time and attention.
  • Physical Touch: This love language is where all the kisses, hugs, pats and touches come in. People who have this language love to feel their partner’s body in the form of random touches and the least expected hugs.

Final Notes

We know well that you read through these major love languages and found one that resonated with you. Yes, that is your love language. How you want to be loved. Knowing your love language and that of your partner is a guaranteed recipe for a sweeter relationship. Sometimes, you may find it hard pinpointing on your love language. Take a break and think about that one thing that makes you the happiest when your partner does it. Finding your love language is as simple as that.

Now that you know how to go about finding your love language, take your time and find yours and work with it. You sure deserve all the beautiful loving there is.