The Role of Grandparents on Parenting

The number of divorce cases always shows an increase every year. The reason is also varied, ranging from incompatibility, age difference, financial, to the presence of a third person.
After being officially divorced, it does not mean that the couple’s problems will stop. There are still various other problems that must be resolved, one of which is regarding child custody. Actually, children are still the responsibility of their parents until they are adults even though they no longer live under one roof. But, there are some cases that make grandparents as child custody holders. Because there are several conditions that cause parents not to be in the right conditions to care for their children.


Unfortunately, children will have the greatest impact on parental divorce, especially if they are still very young and do not understand much about household problems. The struggle for custody is inevitable, which makes both parents and grandparents ultimately use legal channels and use the services of child custody lawyers such Attorney for grandparent rights in Oklahoma. Especially as their parents is incompetent for raising their children.

The presence of grandparents is indeed inseparable from the growth and development of the little one. Grandparents can be a source of help, support, and encouragement in caring for and caring for your little one. Grandparents’ affection is also undoubted. They will wholeheartedly give their grandchildren the best. The closeness of the relationship between grandchild and grandparent also has benefits for both parties. For grandchild, grandparent can complete the fulfillment of affection apart from her mother and father, which is to get complete love from a large family and people around her. Children who grow up in a friendly and warm environment will grow up to become children who are full of self-confidence, and their lives will be rich in love and they will usually be loving people.