Tips to Keep Relationships Lasting Until Marriage

have a partner. The periods of your life that are usually lived alone will change with the presence of a partner who always accompanies and shares, both stories of joy and sorrow at any time. However, having time together with your partner also does not mean you will always be happy, because surely the time will come when you will face problems.

However, the happiness that you aspire to be with him is not necessarily in accordance with the beginning when together, right? In fact, many couples end up experiencing separation until they hate each other. Many of them may not be aware or intentionally forget if they have been happy with each other, but have not strengthened each other’s love when they were hit by problems. Then, how do you make the relationship stay durable until it reaches the level of marriage?

The existence of mutual trust with each other

Trust is the most important recipe for lasting relationships. Mutual trust is not only a sweet promise uttered by your partner, but also believes that your relationship will not be betrayed. The emergence of trust in your partner will also bring peace of mind, so keep away from bad prejudice against your partner. If you ever lie, immediately acknowledge that mistake so that your partner’s trust does not decrease, resulting in your relationship stretching.

Communication strategy

Choose a communication strategy with a partner, both when walking alone or separately because of distance. Speak with the perfect communication style when meeting face to face, the way the lasting relationship depends on the style of speech, because often less suitable communication can burden the couple, even a misunderstanding will emerge. However, if the distance apart is due to the busyness and obligations of each, take the time to keep giving the news even if only 1-2 minutes through social media that has developed a lot in the present, so that your partner feels if he is still part of your priority. Also let me know if you are constrained by a difficult signal network problem, or a low cellphone.

Calm yourself when facing problems

The longer a relationship with a partner, rest assured there will be many obstacles and challenges that must be solved together. Most separation cases occur, because they are not calm and only based on emotion when faced with problems and then they think the word separation is much easier than still being maintained. In fact, if couples can hold each other together, the problems they face will be better and will strengthen their relationship going forward.

Keep feeling bored with your partner

The final way of lasting relationships is to keep boredom out of your partner. As human beings, boredom must often appear. So, how to deal with that boredom? There is nothing wrong with you trying small things, like giving a surprise to grow the seeds of love again. Do a trip with your partner, spend time with him all day long. Change the habits that you normally do, for example changing places to eat, hanging out. Or it could also be by giving your partner time to themselves to get rid of the boredom that hit.

In essence, a good relationship is one that reaches the level of marriage, even though in its journey it will not always run smoothly. If you believe that your partner is now the person who will be your life partner forever in the future, then it never hurts to do some of the tips above.