What to talk about on your first date

First dates can be awesome, disastrous, awkward, etc. However, first dates are necessary. They form the basis for your relationship If you do eventually go into one with the other person.  Through the impressions both parties make on each other, they know if they are the best fit for themselves. After you have done the initial things like picking the time for a date, buying nice clothing from stores like Modlily and perfumes from companies like Maxaroma as well as showing up on time for the date, the next thing will be things to talk about on your first date. It is worthy of note that you should read reviews about any company you intend to patronize while planning your date including Maxaroma reviews and Modlily reviews. Here are points you can talk about on the first date to decide if someone is the best for you:

Ask them to tell you about their priorities and interests

Solid relationships do not just survive on infatuation alone. It is all right to get butterflies in your stomach because of someone else, but what will keep them forever in your life is if their priorities tally with yours. For instance, someone who believes that her career and hobbies are more important to them than marriage and raising a family cannot make a good partner to someone who wants to be 100 {e9aae8f1774aa548a32acededad1a2f3446d33b51f417ed1866fe105db1eaa87} committed to their families. If your partner is interested in exploring deeper spirituality and you have chosen to be a free thinker, your relationship may not go smoothly. The similarity in interests and priorities is key to building a good relationship from dating.

Ask them to share their career journey and life goals with you

For a union to be successful, the parties involved must be going in the same direction. As much as possible, tell your date to share with you what they hope to have achieved at the end of your life. For instance, someone who wants to travel all over the countries of the world in their old age cannot flow well with someone who just wants to retire in a small village and stay close to nature. When your partner shares their goals with you, you will be able to calculate if your careers are compatible. For example, if work requires both of you to be away from home, who will take care of your children the way you like? If none of you is ready to leave their jobs and you both start raising a family, you may end up regretting your decisions.

Ask them to tell you about their families and friends

A person is not made in isolation. Social circles are powerful and can positively or negatively affect a relationship. Knowing your date’s family and friends is a good way to judge the type of person your date is and the conduct of those they move with. Some families are known for being problematic, you would not want to marry put yourself into their troubles just because you married someone from the family. If your date’s friends are high performers and of good character in society, the chances are that your date is a good person and a high performer too. Additionally, you should find out from your date if they have authority figures they listen to. This is a sign that they are teachable and can easily respond to corrections. If your date does not, it mostly shows that they are proud to submit to others or to be instructed.

Ask them about their health condition

We live in times medical details need to be highly considered before you go into a relationship with someone. Every day, health issues are on the rise. You cannot afford to overlook this aspect. For example, more people are more sexually active than ever and this has led to an increase in sexually transmitted diseases. You want to know if your date has been diagnosed with one. Also, you should know if your date has a special condition, maybe they are diabetic, hypertensive, sickle-celled, asthmatic, etc. Knowing this helps you to determine whether you can live with such things in a partner or not and take action accordingly.

Ask them what they wish they could change about their lives

Most people are unsatisfied with their lives. They have some flaws, they encountered some disappointments, they made some mistakes, etc and such things reduce the love they have for themselves. Through what your date says when you ask them what they wish they could change about themselves, you can know their regrets, pain, challenges, dreams, hopes, flaws, etc. Knowing these helps you to determine if you are comfortable with their flaws before you go ahead with the relationship.

You should also follow your instincts when asking questions. However, you have to remember that the asking and answering of questions must be mutual so that you both can have a good time.