Comfortable Exercise By Using the Right Underwear

Many people pay more attention to the clothes or shoes worn when exercising. For example, for reasons of comfort or appearance. However, there are still many who choose the underwear wrong. They actually use underwear worn daily to exercise. This habit has many negative effects. Starting from the line of panties that are translucent, abrasions, to fungal infections.

Both women’s and men’s sport support underwear should meet the criteria of absorbing sweat, holding moisture, fitting, and also comfortable until you feel you are not using it.  Here are tips in choosing the right underwear to exercise:

Air is sufficient

In some conditions, we can just exercise without air conditioning in a high temperature place. Sweating becomes inevitable. Therefore, it is important to choose breathable sports underwear that allows our skin to keep breathing, with materials that can absorb moisture in the body. Although it is easy to absorb sweat, choose ingredients that are easy to dry. Skin conditions that are too moist have the potential to make skin blister and trigger the growth of fungi and bacteria. You also need to avoid underwear with satin or polyester material that tends to hold moisture on the skin. Choose ingredients such as nylon or spandex. This material can absorb moisture, dry quickly and is good for air flow activity.

Without borders

Underwear that fits on the body becomes a mandatory item when exercising. Fitness expert said, the type of underwear like that facilitates its movement. Choose underwear without side seams. Apart from being thinner than traditional underwear that has stitch details, these types of underwear are also easy to adjust to the sports clothes you use.

Proper cuts

Selecting “full coverage” underwear, bikinis or g-strings actually returns to personal taste. However, Fitness expert said he was happy to use underwear that fits in the body and does not move position when he moves and sports. The underwear strap is also considered an important aspect. Medium panties are his favorite. So, the panties are neither too mini nor too big.

If your goal is a healthy thing, one thing you should use now is how you do it. Why? Because in general, as a producer of sperm, the testis can produce sperm with good quantity and quality if the temperature is not higher than your body temperature. This is why the testis is outside the body. One type of underwear that can increase the temperature around the testicles is the type of tight underwear or shorts. If the temperature test is too hot, even just a few degrees, the testicles will not be able to produce sperm with an ok amount.

If you decide to use the boxer today and hope you will maximize tomorrow, then you need to remember it again. It takes about 10 to 11 weeks for the testicles to produce sperm. If you use underpants that are too tight today, your sperm production is of poor quality and quantity is the sperm produced 10-11 weeks later.