When you should leave your marriage – Good reasons to go about it


There can be nothing worse than breaking up, not only because it makes you regretful and sad but also due to the fact that deciding to leave your partner requires so much of emotional and mental energy. Do you think you’re carrying forward an unhappy marriage? Or are you confused about whether or not you should leave your marriage or stay for it? If you’re looking for reasons to both leave and stay, you should first get to know the valid reasons behind leaving a relationship.

We are going to put forward few of the attitudes and behaviors which are definite indicators of the fact that it’s time for you to leave your marriage for good. Check if you have any of these signs in your nuptial life.

  • When the partner is abusive

No, it really doesn’t matter whether or not the abuse is in the verbal form or the physical form or sexual or emotional. You should leave immediately. There are many couples with bigger issues who could determine how they could make their relationship work but in between all this, you should move away from such a partner and motivate yourself to protect your own self.

  • Your partner has a disorder of character which manifests in jealousy and lying

This is one of the biggest red flags that you should take into account and this is not just constant but it is also a pretty bad moment. In case your partner seems to be committed enough in fighting such issues, it is possible to make the relationship work. Meanwhile, you need to get enough space.

  • You don’t have mutual respect for each other

Whenever you find either one or both spouses not respecting each other, the ultimate foundation for marriage is indeed torn apart and there is very little that you can do in order to repair it. This is probably the biggest cause of divorce but there are several other issues that are involved.

  • When there is extreme possessiveness

When you have a healthy relationship with your partner, he or she will let you have your own life, your own interests and have your own set of friends without the feeling of being intimidated of guilty. You should be wary of a spouse who is eager to know whom you are talking to, where you’re going and where you’re spending your dollars.

Hence, if any of the above listed signs are there in your relationship, you should plan to leave the marriage but if things haven’t still fallen apart in this way, you may find reasons to stay on.